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About Celina Mylene

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Celina Mylene is an actor, model, dancer, and above all a dreamer.  She studied musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Training under industry professionals such as Ray Virta, Andy Leech, and Randolph Pearson. Now a Brooklyn resident Celina continues to grow and collaborate in the NYC & Chicago creative scenes. She is consistently working on new projects and expanding her horizons.

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One of her most recent projects brought her behind the camera, Co-writing and producing the short film, Yes Mother. On camera some of her recent work includes: New Boo (short film), the Amazon Prime series, Eighty-12, and Purell Motel (comedy short)  Her most recent theater escapade was in the short play, The Man Goes Woo, by Katie North. If you want to check out some of her work click over to the videos page. 


Current Projects

Stepping behind the camera, Celina co-wrote and produced, Yes Mother, with Nancy Pop. A dark comedy about two sister wives banished from their cult.  

Yes Mother

Are The Destroyers

After having a successful prescreening, Poets are the Destroyers, has been selected for the Andromeda Film Festival. Celina plays,Lucia, the lovable and slightly misguided best friend of Zuzu.

The Dreams of Many

Celina Mylene is constantly growing and expanding as an artist. Most recently she's been investigating the concept of dreams, that of the individual and the collective. Her interactive piece, "The Dreams of Many," seeks to explore how each of our individual dreams build up the collective dream, ultimately creating hope.

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